Are your frontline teams ready and coping with COVID-19?

Cemplicity offers you a free, simple and concise survey tool to capture, measure and benchmark your teams’ views. Designed for healthcare workers and carers.


Do your front-line staff think they are ready for COVID-19?

Cemplicity has developed a Free simple and concise survey tool to capture, measure and benchmark your healthcare teams’ readiness.


Let us help.

Cemplicity is a specialist patient- and staff- reported measures company, working across eight countries. We have offered our services free to our clients during this global emergency and they have asked us to help them monitor their frontline preparation for COVID-19 as well as the psychological wellbeing of their staff.

Working with our clients, we have developed a two-part online survey. One part asks about preparations to screen and manage COVID-19 patients. The other part asks workers about their anxiety, stress and ability to cope.

We are making this survey available to all healthcare organisations at no cost.

You may also choose to run the survey regularly to track your staff’s wellbeing over the next critical weeks and months.

A secure, anonymous email survey to your staff.


Tracking your preparedness to safely manage COVID-19 patients and your workforce’s stress, anxiety and feelings.


Comparing your results against other organisations, with the ability to drill down by staff role.

To view the questions, access the survey or talk to us about your needs, please get in touch.

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